Room Escape by Fox in a BoxRoomEscape Stockholm by Fox in a Box is based across two sites within a short walk of each other close to central station.  Each contains a selection of themed rooms in which you have 60 minutes to solve clues and puzzles to escape from the room.

A group of us attended the venue on Olof Palmes gata and took over two of the rooms.  You are instructed to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your allotted start time for an introduction on how to play by the friendly staff and you then watch a video relating to your specific room which gives you the background to the story you will be partaking in.  Once complete you are escorted to your room and the time begins.  My group was tasked with saving the world from a zombie apocalypse and that sure was fun!

The level of difficulty in the rooms was spot on.  It was not too challenging that it puts you off and you feel deflated but difficult enough that it really tests you.  They also offer hints if you get stuck, which helps keep the game flowing.  In fact, the most difficult thing was actually getting into the building upon arrival.  The number we had been provided with to access the building did not work, but we were lucky enough to have a resident of the building let us in.  Hopefully this was just a one-off error rather than an ongoing issue.

Overall, it was a great way to spend an hour and I would love to go back and try one of the other rooms.  Maybe next time we will rob a bank…

Location: Olof Palmes gata near Hötorget station in Norrmalm

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