TGNAD - ArcadeWhether you live in Stockholm or are just visiting, you may well be after some fun things to do.  Most lists you find online would likely lead you to the usual touristic hotspots, e.g. museums, but that’s not what I’m about.  It is super easy to find details on all of those kinds of places, but what if you want to do something else?  What if you want to do something that is still fun, but doesn’t necessarily consist of walking around for hours or if you want a break from the usual sightseeing?  Where do you find that kind of information, huh?  Here, of course!

I’ll aim to give you the low down on all of the fun things to do in Stockholm as I find them.  And, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting things to do, so if anyone has any recommendations send me a message.

RoomEscape by Fox in A Box – good for groups, indoor activity

Biljardplatset – good for groups, games