This Girl Needs A Drink - WelcomeI am a lover of all things food and drink.  Whether it be eating out or cooking at home, cocktails, wine or beer, I want to try it all!

I have recently moved to the beautiful city of Stockholm and Im looking forward to discovering all the pubs, bars, restaurants and other treats of the city.  As I venture into new places I will be sharing it on this site, so there will be regular updates. I’ll be sure to share the best finds I come across so you can enjoy them too!

If you want to keep up to date with new posts follow my Instagram and Facebook page as I’ll be posting all new additions on there.  This is where you can also see a glimpse into what I am cooking at home.  From baking to midweek meals and weekend treats, there is a little of everything.

I’m always super excited to receive recommendations for great places to visit, or if you have a place you have heard of and would like me to check out, just let me know.  I’m also happy to hear from you if you have any general questions or comments about the site, Stockholm, Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter.  For now this is only Stockholm based, but This Girl needs a drink wherever she goes!

With all that said, welcome to This Girl Needs A Drink, grab yourself a glass of wine and dive in…