Koh Phangan StockholmKoh Phangan is a small chain of Thai restaurants, currently with two in Stockholm and one in Uppsala.  I recently visited the one in Sodermalm and it most definitely left an impression!

It is a large restaurant with pathways leading through the restaurant and between the tables.  The first thing you notice when you walk in (or even from the outside) is the colours.  The place is the most colourful restaurant I have ever been to.  They have multi-coloured fairy lights, many of them flashing, throughout the place.  These are hanging across the ceilings, the walls and around any post that can be seen.  There is also an abundance of foliage, which, mixed with the bamboo huts, lends to the tropical feel of being in Thailand.  And, to add to the feel, they replicated a storm (I’m guessing this happens sporadically throughout the evening), complete with sound effects and flickering lights.

The bathrooms are also one to mention.  These are no less colourful than the restaurant itself.  The walls are covered in a ceramic tile mosaic, the cubicle doors are made from bottle caps and the partition between the two cubicles is made from green glass bottles.  Baring in mind the toilets are unisex, this is quite unsettling.  On the other side of the restaurant there are additional toilets.  From what I have been told, these are equally unusual, with the men’s urinals being fashioned out of metal buckets on the floor.

The menu is quite extensive with a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarian to choose from.  The dishes are clearly labelled with how hot they are – although the heat level is clearly based on the Swedish preference for mild food.  We had a selection of starters and for main I had a mixed seafood dish while my dinner companions each had different main courses.  All of the food was fantastic.  It was well cooked and the portions were generous.  The only comment is the on the heat of the dish as mentioned above.  What was labeled as a ‘Hot!’ dish as mild at best.  However, this is hardly a complaint.  The taste was delicious.  The dishes are all flamboyantly served with fruit and flowers on decorative plates.

On the drinks front they have a selection of tempting cocktails and refreshing sounding cocktails, a choice of Thai and international beers and a wine list covering a range of tastes.  There is certainly something for everyone.

Price wise it is very reasonable.  I would even go as far as to say a bargain!  For the portions received and the quality of the food and cooking I think anyone would be happy to pay the asking prices.

If you are looking for a Thai restaurant in Stockholm, this is one to try.  I know I will be going back!

Location: Skånegatan near Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm

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