Restaurang KvarnenRestaurang Kvarnen logo is a Swedish restaurant in central Stockholm dating back to 1908.  Its long history is well documented on their website and quite an interesting read.  Self-described as a beer hall, it does have elements that lean towards its older days with a slightly rustic feel.  The high ceilings, wooden furniture and candlelit space make for quite the impression when you first enter.  It is cosy even though a relatively large space.

The service is less than inviting though.  With a surly gentleman ‘greeting’ us upon entering and then long waits between being seated and seeing another server to take our order.  At least this gave us plenty of time to ponder the menus and ensure we chose the best from the very appealing dishes on offer.
The drinks menu is quite uninspiring besides the selection of Snaps, but at least the beer is well priced for the location.

When the food arrives it is all looks spectacular and tastes delicious.  That is beside one main course which was heavily over seasoned.  Once this was pointed out to the server (although it was difficult to get one’s attention) it was quickly rectified with a fresh dish and desserts on the house.  Turns out they do know good service after all!

We ended the evening with some after dinner drinks to go with quite a wonderful Creme Brule.

Although the final bill was hefty, it was well worth the authentic Swedish meal we had enjoyed.

Location: Tjärhovsgatan near Medborgarplatsen station in Södermalm

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