TGNAD - Cafe SaturnusCafe Saturnus is a small, quaint cafe in Stockholm, located on a little side street.  Inside it is very colourful with the floor being made up of various mosaic patterns. 

Walking in the first thing you notice is the delicious looking selection of pastries on the counter.  They have blackboards displaying all the dishes they have to offer and the array is appealing.  We go there on a Sunday for brunch and the background music is very soothing.  Perfect setting for a relaxed morning.  After looking over the dishes they have to offer we go to the counter and order an Eggs Benedict, an Eggs Norvegienne and two coffees.  The prices are pretty steep for breakfast dishes at 165kr each, but the place has good reviews, so it surely must be worth the price.

After ordering we find a table, which is easy at 10:30 in the morning, and start admiring the decor.  The walls are adorned with framed menus from other restaurants and such like little tidbits.  It is well decorated and the atmosphere is nice.

After a short wait, the food arrives and it looks great.  Interestingly there is a side salad served with each of the dishes, but I guess it is never to early to start with your 5 a day.  Unfortunately, we are quick to realise the eggs are overcooked.  Instead of having deliciously runny poached eggs the yolks are hard boiled.  The hollandaise sauce that should be served on these dishes cannot be called hollandaise as it had no resemblance to one.  In fact, I don’t even think it had egg yolks in it.  Instead, the sauce was melted butter, lemon juice and maybe nothing else.  The bread which forms the base of the dish is not the traditional English muffin, although I can live with that.  It was dry, plain bread which probably would be been fine if we had a runny egg yolk.

It was an absolute shame.  The place itself is lovely, the staff were pleasant and the quality of ingredients seemed to be quite high.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have someone capable of putting the ingredients together.  Paying close to 400kr for breakfast for two is laughable when this is what you are served.  Next time I’ll be sticking to the pastries.

Location: Eriksbergsgatan near Rådmansgatan station in Östermalm

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