Galway's Irish PubGalway’s Irish Pub is a small and unassuming pub from the outside.  Through the ground floor window you can see a small bar with enough space for maybe 10 people to stand around, however, once you go through the door and up the staircase you come to a much larger bar and plenty of seating.  There is also a dining area off to the side which has table service.

The decor is quite garish from the outside, but upstairs it has tartan wallpaper and wooden features which is far less imposing than you might imagine.  They do seem to play sports on the TVs, although I am not sure how frequently as I have only seen this once.  There is also a blackjack table, although rarely manned.

Drink prices here are pretty average for the city and although they do have a happy hour this is a minimal reduction on the regular price.  The happy hour also applies to some of the food, although, after having tried the burger, this isn’t a place I would recommend for the food.  It was mediocre pub food at best.

Overall, the only recommendation I would have for going to this place is for the location and perhaps this would also be good for larger groups due to the amount of space.  This is not one worth going out of your way for.

Location: Kungsgatan near Hötorget station in Norrmalm

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