Man in the Moon Stockholm

Man in the Moon is such a great pub!  It boasts a list of 350 different beers…according to a sign above the bar, but it also has an amazing collection of whiskeys (including Swedish whiskeys!), Grappas, Cognacs, Tequilas, as well as other spirits.

Prices here are quite average for Stockholm with the starting price for beer being around 75kr and I haven’t seen any indication of a happy hour.

The thing I love most about this place is the style and atmosphere.  Once you walk through the doors you see the large bar in the centre of the main room.  There are plenty of seats, with tables circling the bar.  But for me, the main gem is the small room at the back which has the feel of a study.  Beyond this, there is a classy looking ‘outside’ (although it is enclosed) area, for private parties.

Overall, Man in the Moon has an eclectic feel to it with mismatched chandeliers and light fixtures, lots of brass, wood and green leather.  It is somewhere between an old-school British pub, with a hint of the 1920s and Mediterranean coloured walls.  It does have high windows, which would be great in summer.
The music is lively and upbeat, which adds to the atmosphere of the place.

I don’t highly rate the staff, they fall into the mediocre range, but I wouldn’t say this impacts negatively on the experience.

Definitely worth a visit!

Location: Tegnérgatan, close to Rådmansgatan station in Vasastan

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